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Overview > Goals

Currently, the Crescent City Beacon Community initiative is focused on reducing the burden of diabetes and cardiovascular disease accomplishing the following goals:

  • Improvement of the quality of care for chronic disease patients in patient-centered medical homes enabled by HIT, to impact population outcomes for chronic disease;
  • A reduction in healthcare costs by decreasing preventable ED and inpatient visits through better coordination of care for chronic disease patients; and
  • The use of innovative technologies to engage consumers in the healthcare process.

CCBC is pursuing these goals by creating a learning collaborative among partners through the establishment of workgroups and partner-led initiatives. The community partners are implementing shared HIT solutions for community-wide exchange of information, collection of data for population health management, and connectivity to state and national information sources.

This shared HIT infrastructure is facilitating care coordination and chronic disease management for:

  • Improving quality of care at the population level in measurable ways;
  • Implementing HIT as enabler for efficiency and scalability;
  • Creating community-level, chronic disease standards of care;
  • Implementing sustainable quality improvement efforts; and
  • Enhancing information and process linkages across health systems.