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The Crescent City Beacon Community (CCBC) initiative is a pioneering collaborative of public and private health care organizations and public health agencies convened by the Louisiana Public Health Institute (LPHI). 

As one of 17 communities chosen to participate in the Beacon Community Grant Program of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, the Crescent City Beacon Community (CCBC) was awarded $13.5 million over three years to strengthen local health information technology (HIT) infrastructure. Several major hospital systems, public health agencies and community-based primary care providers are actively participating in this historic effort.

CCBC is charged with implementing and evaluating health information technology (HIT) solutions to transform the Greater New Orleans area health care system and improve population-level health outcomes. To this end, CCBC is working to introduce innovative HIT systems and tools designed to: 

  • Improve quality and efficiency of care
  • Improve coordination of care
  • Lower the cost of care
  • Improve population health outcomes

View the CCBC 3rd Annual Report.