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Website Established for GNOHIE Pilot

August 31, 2012

To coincide with the pilot and subsequent full implementation of the Greater New Orleans Health Information Exchange (GNOHIE), a website for the initiative was launched June 22, 2012.

The site, www.gnohie.org will serve as a resource to clinics and patients as well as provide general information to partners, private organizations and the public and will:

  • House GNOHIE related polices and operational materials
  • Inform existing partners about the HIE and maintain a FAQ section
  • Provide a portal to the HIE helpdesk and related contact information
  • Numerate existing partners
  • Provide information to the public and potential partners


The Greater New Orleans Health Information Exchange (GNOHIE) is the community-shared health IT infrastructure that facilitates care coordination and chronic disease management by enhancing data sharing and process linkages across health systems with the goal of improving the quality of care at the population level. Full implementation began August 2012.

The GNOHIE connects health information systems of community health clinics and hospitals, respectively, to allow seamless exchange of health information in a HIPAA-compliant, secure manner to benefit patient care while maintaining privacy and confidentiality of personal health information.

The organizations participating in the pilot phase, are Daughters of Charity Services of New Orleans, NO/AIDS Task Force, Tulane Community Health Center, and the Interim LSU Hospital (ILH).

For more information about GNOHIE or the website contact us.