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CCBC HIT Pilot in Full Swing; Launch Scheduled Summer 2012

 May 21, 2012

The Greater New Orleans Health Information Exchange (GNOHIE), the community-shared HIT infrastructure that will facilitate care coordination and chronic disease management by enhancing data sharing and process linkages across health systems with the goal of improving the quality of care at the population level, is making strides in the pilot phase and gearing up for the full implementation scheduled for late July, 2012.

The GNOHIE connects health information systems of community health clinics and hospitals, respectively, to allow seamless exchange of health information in a HIPAA-compliant, secure manner to benefit patient care while maintaining privacy and confidentiality of personal health information.

The organizations participating in the pilot phase, specifically for Emergency Department (ED)/ Inpatient Notification are Daughters of Charity Services of New Orleans, NO/AIDS Task Force, Tulane Community Health Center, and the Interim LSU Hospital (ILH).

Specific progress in the GNOHIE includes:

Systems and Data Sharing:

  • Data Sharing Agreements are in place with 11 organizations
  • Core System components of the Mirth Vendor solution are in place
  • Interface development with community partners is in progress, ILH, SuccessEHS and Aprima. 
  • Clinical data is currently being uploaded to the Centralized Data Repository for pilot sites.  Additional interfaces are in progress (eClinicalWorks and Allscripts)

Governance and Policies:

  • The post Beacon program  governance framework to operate GNOHIE has been established and is operational
  • The Consent model and Patient/PCP model have been developed by the community and approved by partners
  • Sustainability planning is in process

GNOHIE/ Louisiana Health Information Exchange(LaHIE) Alignment:

  •  Interface and technical solution designed and Phase 1 has commenced
  • Business Associate agreement under development

Additional Progress to note:

  • Alignment has commenced with an Austin-based HIE model that utilizes the same Mirth solution to further guide development of GNOHIE.
  • Mirth analytics strategy currently in development


Once fully implemented, the GNOHIE will enable the following care coordination and chronic disease management scenarios and functions:

  • Emergency Department (ED)/Inpatient Notification: When a provider discharges a patient from an ED/Inpatient setting to a patient’s Primary Care Provider (PCP), the HIT solution enables the notification of the patient’s PCP and the transmission of relevant clinical information from the ED/Inpatient setting to the PCP.
  • Electronic Specialty Care Referral: When a provider refers a patient to specialty care, the referral requests and supporting documentation of the referring Provider is transmitted electronically to the specialist. The appointment confirmations and notifications of no shows and/or specialty consult summaries are then transmitted back to the originating provider’s EMR system, also electronically.
  • Chronic Care Management (MirthCare): MirthCare provides a community with the ability to track and manage population-level health needs through community-wide disease registry functions.  These registries contain built-in guidelines and algorithms to facilitate evidence-based community-defined standards and protocols and also collaborative care models among providers, care managers and patients. Additional features of this infrastructure include a complete patient history, summary views, data entry templates, shared care plans, medication data, drug interaction checks, medication reconciliation, secure internal messaging between care providers, clinical resource and patient education material libraries, task management and patient demographic data.


In addition, the GNOHIE will feature the following services:

  • Clinical data repository and longitudinal record services, with linked community provider web portal
  • Community Master Patient Index and Record Locator Service
  • Provider directory and secure Direct Messaging
  • Healthcare data warehouse, analytics, and reporting
  • Nationwide Health Information Network Gateway
  • Connection to the Louisiana Health Information Exchange