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Administrative Committee Formed to Guide CCBC HIT Solution

May 15, 2012

An Administrative Committee for the GNOHIE has been formed, for the purpose of recommending administrative policy and engaging in organizational planning related to the CCBC Health Information Technology Solution (CCBC HITS). CCBC HITS is being developed to support community health interventions related to the CCBC mission. 

This Administrative Committee is the first step in creating a permanent governance structure for the CCBC HITS infrastructure. It is envisioned as a balance of medical and administrative leadership representing the organizations participating as early adopters in the CCBC HITS, with each member assigning a representative to the Administrative Committee. 

The Committee is comprised of clinics, hospitals, LPHI and other partner organization representatives serving in an advisory role. Responsibilities include:

  • Guide and provide counsel for the strategic plans of the HITS.
  • Promote and ensure adoption in the HITS through its membership and participation.
  • Assign members to participate in implementation of the HITS.
  • Assist in the development of HITS Policies and Procedures.
  • Make recommendations to further progress towards the achievement of strategic goals and organizational sustainability, including the development of a formal governance structure for HITS.
  • Assign members as content experts to various subcommittees as deemed necessary for furtherance of the work of the HITS.
  • Assign a member to act as a representative of CCBC HITS on vendor related matters. 

The Administrative Committee will meet regularly during the planning and implementation stage of the CCBC HIT and subcommittees will be formed as needed.

“The work of Crescent City Beacon continues to be a collaborative effort in all aspects.  This new committee continues that methodology and is important at this juncture to move forward the many moving parts of the HIT solution,” said Anjum Khurshid, Director, Health Systems Director, CCBC Principal Investigator.