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Patient Story 3: Zina, New Orleans

Because my husband’s doctors didn’t have full access to his medication records, he suffered from cardiac arrest due to a contradiction in his meds.  We almost lost him.

My husband has health issues, all of which require him to see several different specialists.  Although I tried to keep each doctor informed of his medications and adjustments that other doctors made to them, they were never able to get a full grasp of exactly what he was taking and how certain medications could affect his other health issues or interact with each other.  Shortly after an adjustment in a particular medication, he went into cardiac arrest where he was without a heart beat for several minutes.  He remained in a coma for two days.  Although he came out of the coma, he is now dealing with the after-effects of oxygen deprivation and brain damage including severe loss of motor skills and vision.  Had there been an efficient and effective way of sharing his medical information with all of his specialists, this may have been avoided.